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"Bringing your dream french wedding to life through outstanding immersive images"

Have you ever considered the benefits of having a french photographer or a french videographer at your wedding?

You wish to get married in our wonderful South West region with its exceptional climate and beautiful landscapes.

You want to take home incredible images (photo or video) that tell the story of this extraordinary adventure experienced in France with all the people who matter to you.

You wonder how to make the right choice for the image part (photo or video) and how to choose a high-quality vendor who will be able to capture all the emotions of your most beautiful day.

You need a photographer or a videographer able to work with the local vendor teams.

Your wedding images are in safe hands

I’m Seb, a dedicated wedding photographer and videographer since 2017, based near the beautiful Bordeaux region. Renowned for my engaging French accent and fluent English, I specialize in capturing the essence of your special day. My journey has led me to over 90 weddings, each with its unique challenges – from extreme weather to unforeseen events, proving my adaptability and commitment to capturing every moment.

My approach is deeply personal and immersive. I combine my keen photographic eye with my videography expertise to craft stories that resonate. Whether it’s the subtle nuances of your expressions or the grandeur of the celebration, my focus is on creating a vivid, emotional narrative that reflects your personality and the spirit of your wedding.

My foray into corporate filmmaking in 2021 ignited my passion for wedding videography. The joy I found in these projects naturally led me to wedding videos, where I blend my photographer’s eye with videography skills to capture the essence of your story. Each film I create is a unique work of art, reflecting the unique and moving moments of your special day.”

Your wedding images are in safe hands

I’m Seb, a passionate wedding photographer and videographer since 2017, located near Bordeaux. Known for my engaging French accent and fluent English, I excel in capturing the unique essence of weddings. With experience in over 90 weddings, facing everything from extreme weather to unexpected incidents, I’ve honed my ability to capture each special moment.

My style is personal and immersive, blending photography and videography to tell your story. Focused on the emotional depth and the beauty of your celebration, I aim to reflect your individuality in every shot.

My venture into corporate films in 2021 deepened my love for wedding videography, leading me to create wedding videos that are not just recordings, but artistic expressions of your memorable day.

Video experience : deep diving into my work

Discover my videography work in few seconds by living the outstanding delivery experience of the films. Take a break, push the sound on, take some pop corns. Just imagine that It could be yours..

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Micro Teaser :

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Just 8 days after your union, receive a lively 30-second teaser. Focused on the most vibrant moments, it’s your first dose of nostalgia, a breath of pure energy that brings back the excitement of the day.


Teaser Narrative :

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A month and a half later, rediscover the depth of your love story through a three-minute story. By juxtaposing your love with wedding moments, this emotional teaser invites you to feel every moment, every thrill of love.


The Wedding Film:

The Apogee of Your Story.

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At D+60, get ready for the grand finale of your cinematic journey. It’s not just a film, but a sentimental archive of your day, a treasure for future generations.

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Discover my photography work in few seconds by clicking on these video slideshows. Get into those amazing days and feel the atmosphere of this special day.

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As a wedding videographer based in Bordeaux, I’m delighted to accompany you wherever your love story takes you. Not only do I travel to other cities and regions, I also offer destination wedding services throughout Europe. Whether your wedding takes place in a picturesque château in France, on a sunny beach in Spain, or in a historic setting in Italy, I’m ready to capture every precious moment. My goal is to tell your unique story, whatever the destination.

At Sp-Weddingstories, I focus on creating authentic, artistic wedding videography with an immersive, luminous style. I work freehand for greater mobility and discretion, allowing me to capture genuine moments without intruding, offering a fully immersive experience. My ‘fine art’ inspired aesthetic emphasizes brightness and clarity, aiming to transform wedding films into true works of art. I document weddings chronologically, capturing every emotion, and also provide Narrative and Micro Teasers for a more cinematic storytelling. Overall, Sp-Weddingstories strives to authentically and artistically encapsulate the essence of each wedding, creating timeless memories.

At Sp Wedding Stories, music is integral to crafting memorable wedding films. I prioritize understanding and reflecting both the mood of your wedding and your personal music preferences. This involves a collaborative approach to selecting music for the main documentary film, with a focus on mood music and love songs that align with your personal story.

Adaptability is key in my process. If initially chosen songs don’t quite match the captured images, I select well-known music inspired by your tastes to ensure a cohesive and aesthetically pleasing film. For Narrative Teasers and Micro Teasers, I exclusively use royalty-free music, suitable for sharing on social networks without copyright issues.

In conclusion, my goal at Sp Wedding Stories is to create a wedding film that not only narrates your story but also resonates emotionally through a carefully chosen soundtrack that reflects your individuality.

At Sp Weddingstories, I emphasize the importance of collaboration and harmony between videographers and photographers to capture every moment of weddings from all angles. As a freelance videographer, I adapt to the style and method of each photographer I work with, forming an effective and harmonious duo. This adaptability and teamwork are crucial for enriching our work and ensuring a comprehensive capture of your wedding.

All suppliers, including myself, share the common goal of immortalizing your day in an exceptional manner. This shared vision allows for synchronized work, ensuring that every moment is captured in both photo and video, providing complete coverage of your wedding.

In conclusion, at Sp Wedding Stories, I believe in a close and respectful collaboration with photographers, as this approach not only enhances the creative process but also guarantees a cohesive and complete set of visual memories of your special day.