Feel every moment, every emotion.

A film that goes far beyond the visual

Sébastien Piedloup, Bordeaux wedding videographer

Imagine yourself, hand in hand,

exchanging these precious vows.

The shared bursts of laughter, the discreet tears of emotion, the soft music playing in the background. Every detail, every whisper, every heartbeat, immortalized for eternity. As a specialized videographer, I strive not only to capture these moments, but also to immerse you completely in an ocean of emotions.

A wedding video isn’t just a recording; it’s a window on the past, a chance to relive and feel every moment as if you were there again. It’s an art that requires an eye for detail, a flair for storytelling and, above all, a sensitivity to the very essence of your union.

When you choose to work with me, you’re not just choosing a videographer, you’re choosing a narrator, an artist who will dive right into the heart of your story. Thanks to my immersive approach, you’ll be able to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of your wedding, hear the warm voices of your loved ones, feel the energy, passion and love that marked this unique day.

Your wedding is a precious chapter in your life. It deserves to be told with care, dedication and a creative touch that will set it apart from the rest. Each couple has its own story, its own rhythm, its own melody. Let me help you immortalize this symphony of emotions, and together create a timeless treasure that you can cherish for generations to come.

Let’s talk about how we can make your wedding a lasting memory.

Sébastien Piedloup, Wedding videographer in Bordeaux.

Because your wedding is going to be… AMAZING

Because your wedding is going to be… FUN

Because your wedding is going to be… FOU

Because your wedding is going to be… MAGNIFICENT

Because your wedding is going to be… FULL OF LOVE

Bring your love story to life

like never before.

Your wedding day is more than just a date on the calendar. It’s a whirlwind of emotions, shared laughter, discreet tears and moments that will define your life together. I don’t just capture these moments, I give them a soul.

Whether your wedding takes place in Bordeaux, the Gironde, the Dordogne or the Lot et Garonne, I can travel anywhere for you.

Your story, our adventure

When you invite me into your world, I immerse myself completely, seeking to understand every nuance of your relationship. For me, every couple is a unique epic, a story that deserves to be told with passion and depth.

Capturing the invisible

What often escapes the lens are those fleeting emotions, those ephemeral glances. Thanks to my immersive approach in Bordeaux, I aim to reveal the very essence of your link, making the intangible tangible.

From image to movement

With my skills in photography and videography, I build a fluid narrative of your day, combining the poetry of frozen moments with the dynamics of emotions in motion.

By the way, if you’re looking for a wedding photographer and not a videographer, I can be either. Discover my work as a
professional photographer.

Let's connect and create together

The magic lies in the unique alchemy between us. I’m not just your videographer; I become the keeper of your memories, the one who immortalizes the intensity of every second.

Imagine rediscovering your wedding year after year, feeling every emotion as if it were yesterday. With Sébastien, it’s no dream. It’s a promise.

Your wedding film is in good hands.

When you entrust your wedding film to Wedding Stories, you benefit not only from artistic expertise, but also from a promise of efficiency and trust. From our very first meeting, you can expect a detailed quotation in less than 48 hours.

For me, every wedding is unique, and that’s why I’m committed to building a close relationship with you. I work in harmony with your photographer and wedding planner, offering invaluable advice for authentic, natural shots.

And when it’s time for delivery? Your memories are presented to you in FULL HD, logo-free, accessible from an elegant gallery for viewing and downloading at will.

The highlight? Your wedding film, an emotional gem, is guaranteed within 60 days. And it’s not just a promise, it’s contractual.

48-hour quote

and organization

film in full Hd

Your film in 60 days max.

Tell me your story

Immerse yourself in the essence of your day:

Sound Immersion.

When you revisit your wedding through our films, it’s not just about the images. It’s also an auditory journey. Unlike many videographers, I’ve equipped myself with a special shotgun microphone, designed to capture every nuance of sound in your day. The laughter of your best friend, the whisper of loved ones, the whisper of promises…

With SP Wedding Stories wedding videographer in Bordeaux, every moment, every voice, is preserved in its original purity. Because I believe that the real heart of a wedding is also to be found in those little spontaneous exchanges, in the timbre of a beloved voice. By preserving these sounds, I offer you not only a film, but also a time capsule, a treasure trove of sound that awakens your memories and brings to life the emotion of each moment.

Experience a foretaste of your history...

Imagine being able to relive the energy, emotion and highlights of your wedding before you even dive into the full movie… 

Our teasers, designed with passion and precision, are much more than mere glimpses: they are invitations to feel and relive the precious moments of your union. A first breath of emotion, a spark of nostalgia, and a thrilling anticipation of what awaits you in the main feature.

Are you curious? Let yourself be tempted, and discover the unique experience our teasers have to offer.


The answers
to your questions

As a wedding videographer based in Bordeaux, I’m delighted to accompany you wherever your love story takes you. Not only do I travel to other cities and regions, I also offer destination wedding services throughout Europe. Whether your wedding takes place in a picturesque château in France, on a sunny beach in Spain, or in a historic setting in Italy, I’m ready to capture every precious moment. My goal is to tell your unique story, whatever the destination.

Our unique style

At Sp-Weddingstories, we believe that every wedding is a unique story, worthy of being told with authenticity and an artistic touch. Our approach to wedding videography is distinguished by an immersive, luminous style, capturing the most precious moments of your special day.

Freehand work for total immersion

Unlike mechanical stabilizers, we prefer to work freehand. This technique gives us greater mobility and discretion, essential for capturing fleeting, authentic moments. Thanks to the compactness of our equipment, we blend into the atmosphere of your wedding, recording natural moments without ever disturbing your guests. This approach guarantees a truly immersive experience, reflecting the very essence of your day.

A Luminous and Artistic Style

Our aesthetic is inspired by ‘fine art’, characterized by exceptional brightness and clarity. We make a point of capturing beauty in its purest form, creating wedding films that are not only memories, but true works of art.

Timeline and Narrative Options

We document your wedding chronologically, telling the story of your special day from beginning to end. Every smile, every tear, every burst of laughter is carefully captured, so you can relive those precious moments for years to come.

For those who want an even more artistic touch, we offer options such as Narrative Teasers and Micro Teasers. These short but impactful formats offer a narrative and cinematic perspective, adding an extra dimension to the way your story is told.


Our aim at Sp-Wedding Stories is to capture the essence of your wedding in an authentic and artistic way. With our unique approach and dedication to the art of videography, we’re proud to offer you a memory of your special day that transcends time.

Our Musical Approach

Music plays an essential role in creating memorable wedding films. At Sp Wedding Stories, we understand that the soundtrack to your film should reflect not only the mood of your special day, but also your personal tastes. That’s why we take a collaborative and flexible approach to music selection.

Collaboration with Customers for Documentary Film

For the main documentary film, we start by asking you for your musical preferences, particularly as regards mood music and love songs or slows for the emotional sequences. This step is crucial to ensure that the music chosen resonates with your personal story and the highlights of your wedding.

Adaptability and Inspired Choices

We’re aware that sometimes the images we capture don’t go perfectly with the songs we initially chose. In these rare cases, we select well-known music inspired by your preferences, to ensure harmony between the visuals and the soundtrack. This flexibility allows us to create a film that is not only true to your tastes, but also aesthetically coherent.

Royalty-free music for Teasers and Micro Teasers

For Narrative Teasers and Micro Teasers, we use exclusively royalty-free music. As these short formats are often shared on social networks, it’s imperative to respect copyright. Our extensive library of royalty-free music enables us to find tracks that perfectly complement these videos, while ensuring that they can be shared without constraint on all platforms.


Our aim at Sp Wedding Stories is to create an audiovisual experience that’s just like you. By combining your musical preferences with our editing expertise, we’re committed to producing a wedding film that not only tells your story, but does so with a soundtrack that touches the heart.

In the world of weddings, collaboration between videographers and photographers is essential to capture every moment of your special day from every angle. At Sp Weddingstories, we deeply value teamwork and harmony between all the professionals involved. Our approach is based on adaptability and complementarity with photographers, whatever their style or working method.

Adaptability and Harmonious Duet Formation

As a freelance videographer, I adapt to each photographer I work with. This adaptability is the key to forming an effective, harmonious duo. I firmly believe that by working hand in hand with the photographer, we can mutually enrich our work and offer a more complete and richer overall result. Whether it’s anticipating their movements, sharing key moments, or coordinating our positions, I make sure our collaboration is seamless and beneficial to capturing your wedding from the best angles.

A Common Goal for Exceptional Results

Weddings are events where all the suppliers, including myself, share a common goal: to immortalize your day in an exceptional way. This shared vision allows us to work in sync, ensuring that every moment, whether grand or intimate, is captured in both photo and video. This synergy between photography and videography ensures complete coverage of your wedding, allowing you to relive every emotion and detail through our lenses.


At Sp Wedding Stories, we believe that the best way to capture your wedding is through a close and respectful collaboration with photographers. This team approach not only enriches the creative process, but also ensures that you receive a coherent and complete set of visual memories of your special day.

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